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There had been some talk at one time about doing a second Crazy Watto short, and we filmed some stuff for it all over the country, even as late as 2002 during the production of The Jedi Hunter... but ultimately, we abandoned it, as Sandy and I had moved on to bigger things, and felt Watto worked just fine with the original short, and as a running gag in the rest of our productions...

It could have been interesting, tho... we'd decided to tie all the footage together as Crazy Watto 2: Planetary Liquidator - there was even a short teaser trailer for it at TheForce.Net when we still thought we were going to do it - and here it is:

The only place any of that footage got used was in the end credits of the Crazy Watto Behind the Scenes piece I did for TheForce.Net, which can be seen here. The images below are screencaptures from that.

Crazy Watto at Mount Rushmore Crazy Watto at Disney Crazy Watto at Devil's Tower Crazy Watto at the Sunsphere

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