Bob "VaderPainter" Bean - the best fan-made Vader suit out there...

Kristen "SithVixen" Caron - (I think) the only female Darth Maul out there... and a big help on our fanfilms so far...

The Truly Dangerous Company
Trey Stokes' website - a good friend and competitor, and (among other things) the creator of the Pink Five films...

Brian Boling - our Boba Fett from The Jedi Hunter

Kevin J. Anderson - an old GEnie and convention friend, and one heck of a writer

Claudia Christian
Claudia Christian - a classy lady and a good friend for lending her voice to Darth Vader's Psychic Hotline

Peter David - READ HIS BOOKS! Another great guy with a great sense of humor...

Mike Jittlov
Mike Jittlov's WIZWORLD - Mike has been a major inspriration to me in my career

RENKO - the band from Dublin, Ireland that let us use their song "Boba Fett" in The Jedi Hunter

MOB Studio
the guys who've done the scores for all of our Star Wars parodies so far...

TFN Theater
TheForce.Net Fanfilms - the original home of Crazy Watto and The Jedi Hunter

Lucasfilm/Atomfilm Official Star Wars Fan Film Network - the home of all of our films for now...

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