Mike Jittlov!

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Me and Mike
Me getting stuff autographed by Mike at the 1991 DragonCon in Atlanta... Ignore the TNG uniform... I know better now... :)

Me and Mike again
This is me at Mike at the San Diego Comic Con in 1994... you can just barely see Arne Starr and Joe Straczynski behind us... I have no idea where the flashes in Mike's hand came from, and he's NOT WEARING A GREEN JACKET!!! :)

Wiz Christmas Card
This is a Christmas card Mike sent me in 1991 after I did a TWOSAT music video to "Run, Run Away"... he called me a "Fellow Wizard"... I think my ego expanded that day... :)

Mike and a ray gun
Mike and a futuristic raygun... I don't know who took this picture, or when...

Mike surprised!
Catching Mike by surprise on stage at DragonCon 1997; he asked me for a better shot, which leads us to the next one...

Mike again
Mike lunges at my camera from onstage at DragonCon 1997... This is a clean version of the image I used for the page top.

Meriday and Mike's Shorts
Meriday the Net-Goddess showing off Mike's Shorts at DragonCon 1997... Not his short films, his gym shorts, which she had just yanked from his jeans...

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