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Paige MoorePAIGE MOORE, who stars as the aspiring actress Cindy Light, began her career in true Busby Berkeley fashion. When she first walked into Arlington's Melody Faire Theater to apply for a waitressing job, the owner asked her if she could sing. She said yes. Could she dance? Yes. Could she go on stage that night? Yes. Given a few hours to learn her lines, steps and songs, she went on stage that evening to act, dance, and do a solo number in George M.

Many more roles followed - from the young "old maid" Lizzy Curry in The Rainmaker, to the flamboyant Sally Bowles in Cabaret, to the female lead in Sugar.

Graduating from Florida State's Saint Leo College with a triple major in Theater Arts, Education and Speech, Paige moved back to her native Virginia to win the coveted Miss Virginia title in the 1980 Miss America Pageant. She was also the first recipient of the crown to be a guest artist at the end of her reign.

Two years later she moved to Los Angeles, landing parts in NBC's Days of Our Lives, and the lead role as Private Mary Parts in the feature film, Harold Is a Fool. After auditioning for the lead in Jittlov's Time Guardian, Mike called her in for the WIZARD casting sessions. Could she dance? Yes. Could she sing? Yes! Could she act in stop-motion while being carried at 500 mph by a wild green genie? Well...

Besides continuing her acting career, Paige Moore has also become the Executive Producer of Livingston 5, Inc., a successful Hollywood commercial production company.

Phillip Michael ThomasWhile in a Hollywood casting call with 400 other actors, PHILIP MICHAEL THOMAS was asked about his latest film role. He replied that he'd just finished playing a dedicated LAPD officer in WIZARD. Thomas was immediately screen-tested, and cast as undercover officer Ricardo Tubbs - the starring role on NBC's hit series, Miami Vice.

The Ohio-born Thomas grew up in South Central Los Angeles and San Bernardino, California. He started as an extra in features, singing and dancing, at age four. Taught to play the piano by his mother, he went on to win talent contests, combining his singing and dancing abilities.

After his 18-month stint in Hair, Thomas starred as Gabe Gabriel in the Pulitzer Prize-winning No Place to Be Somebody. His first major feature role came in Stygma, followed by the co-starring role with Raymond St. Jacques in The Book of Numbers. He later played a dual role in Richard Kaye's Black Fist. In 1976, Thomas' career shifted into high gear when he co-starred with Irene Cara in Sparkle. He was soon guest-starring on the TV series Trapper John M.D., Strike Force, Starsky and Hutch, and many others.

Philip Michael Thomas is now not only a star actor, but also a star recording artist - producing albums at his Miami-based Spaceship Records. He owns PMT Productions, as well as the Miamiway Theater, a showcase for movies, jazz concerts and local talent.

Steve BrodieSTEVE BRODIE is Lucky Straeker, the studio director with a heart of gold. A veteran star of televison and movies, Brodie has appeared in over 200 films, that span the range of action, adventure, comedy, melodrama, westerns, musicals and sci-fi.

His remarkable career began in the wartime 40's, acting alongside George Raft and Marlene Dietrich in Follow the Boys, followed by This Man's Navy, and Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo. Brodie became known for his rugged character roles in Code of the West, Thunder Mountain, Arizona Ranger, and Return of the Badmen, followed by appearances on TV's Wagon Train, Gunsmoke, Maverick, and The Wild Wild West.

After his Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor in Home of the Brave, Brodie went on to further classic parts, appearing in Alfred Hitchcock's M, The Caine Mutiny, Only the Valiant, and Charge at Feather River. His science fiction credits include Ray Harryhausen's Beast From 20,000 Fathoms and the haunting Donovan's Brain (with Nancy Reagan). He appeared with Elvis Presley in Blue Hawaii and Roustabout, and a favorite performance in A Girl named Tamiko.

Steve Brodie's starring roles include Rose of the Yukon, Spy In the Sky, Under Fire, Desperate, Here Come the Jets, The Great Plane Robbery, and White Lightning. His latest film is Mugsy's Girls - a comedy-adventure written, produced and directed by his son, Kevin Brodie.

Arnetia WalkerARNETIA WALKER plays Tina, a studio actress and Cindy's best friend. As a child, she was determined to attend New York City's acclaimed High School of Performing Arts. Arnetia got her wish - and at the age of 16 she appeared on Broadway in the musical version of "Two Gentlemen From Verona".

After high school she enrolled at Bronx Community College, but left when she was invited to become Stephanie Mills' standby in the Broadway production of The Wiz. She was immediately hired to replace Debbie Allen in the Broadway musical, Raisin.

Moving to California, Walker headlined a musical revue at Disneyland for two years. Developing a comedy nightclub act at the same time, she left the Magic Kingdom to tour many of the major clubs in the area. Between engagements, she appeared in the feature, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, as well as The Neil Sedaka Special, ABC Presents Tomorrow's Stars; and co-starred on an episode of Quantum Leap.

When Arnetia Walker learned there was going to be a Los Angeles company of the hit musical, Dreamgirls, she flew to New York to audition for a part. Michael Bennet cast her in the starring role of Lorrell Robinson, and she went on to perform in the production's national tour.

Recently, she has appeared in The Cosby Mysteries, The Five Mrs. Buchannans, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, The Cherokee Kid (HBO movie with Sinbad), and NYPD Blue.

Gary SchwartzGARY SCHWARTZ plays the Tall Thug with a Canadian accent. The inflection was a holdover from his last job - three frozen months slogging through the primordial ooze of the Ontario wilderness - co-starring as Rouka the Fire-Keeper in the award-winning feature, "Quest For Fire".

On television, Gary's had a co-starring role on Hallmark's Zoobilee Zoo as the comical Bravo Fox, actor/impressario extraordinaire; was a featured guest on two editions of Faerie Tale Theatre; is a series regular on The Disney Channel's You and Me, Kid; and has starred in several episodes of Super Mario Brothers. His face and voice may be recognized in many TV commercials and music videos.

Gary Schwartz' other activities include juggling, mime, and performing with his partner Caleb Chung in the highly-acclaimed comedy team, "Schwartz and Chung". He is also an associate and coach at the Spolin Theater Games Center, offering workshops in improvisation.

Frank LaLoggiaFRANK LaLOGGIA plays the Short Thug with an East L.A. accent. A native of Rochester, New York, Frank is an excellent example of a multi-talent. An accomplished actor, he has performed in more than thirty stage productions; starred in three television pilots, Salt & Pepe, Mixed Nuts, and Snavely; and played piano in the Valley to make ends meet.

An award-winning filmmaker, LaLoggia has written, produced, directed and scored such short films as Gabriel, Willowpoint, and The Clown and the Light. His work has earned him the prestigious Cine-Eagle Award from Washington, D.C., the Atlanta Filmfest Gold Medal, and many others.

Frank LaLoggia has directed, written, produced, and composed the score for two critically-acclaimed feature films - Fear No Evil, and the haunting classic, Lady In White. He is currently in pre-production on his feature epic, The Giant - the story of Michelangelo's creation of the statue of David.

Will Ryan 1 Will Ryan 2 Will Ryan 3WILL RYAN is the voice of the unions - all of them, as well as all of the on-screen union officials. Singer, composer, writer, filmmaker and artist, Will hails from Cleveland, Ohio, where his "Willio and Phillio" baroque music and comedy team attracted a massive fan following. Fleeing to Los Angeles, Ryan began a long relationship with the Walt Disney Co., writing countless original songs for records, TV and films; and then providing voices for many of their characters, including Goofy, Tigger, Pegleg Pete, Rabbit, Dale, Willie the Giant, and a gaggle of others.

In just a few short years, Will has become one of the top voice-over actors in Hollywood, most recently performing as featured and well-loved characters in Amblin's American Tale, Lucas/Amblin's Land Before Time, Disney's Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, and Don Bluth's Rock-a-Doodle. Life has imitated art, for shortly after Will Ryan intoned the Voice of the President of the United States in WIZARD, he was elected as the president of the International Animated Film Society. An expert in the history of animation and film, he is currently compiling the ultimate book on "Elmo Aardvark", the foundation character of modern animation.

Angelique PettyjohnANGELIQUE PETTYJOHN plays Dora Belair, the assistant producer with a dual personality. Though born in Los Angeles and trained in classical ballet, she found herself drawn to Las Vegas where she was soon the lead dancer in many production shows. Film roles followed, as she appeared with Elvis Presley in Clambake; had a featured role with Glenn Ford in Heaven With a Gun; played a Repo-wife in the cult classic Repo-Man; starred in Bio Hazard, and Mad Doctor of Blood Island with John Ashley; and many more.

Angelique's favorite TV appearances include a recurring role in Get Smart!, as special agent Charlie Watkins (an amazing expert at disguise). But probably her most memorable guest-star role was as Shahna, the spear-carrying love interest of Captain Kirk, in the "Gamesters of Triskelion" episode of the original Star Trek.

A talented jewelry and costume designer, Miss Pettyjohn provided her own special outfits for her role in WIZARD (as well as her fiance, as the Unknown Producer). Currently in Las Vegas, she is readying her sexy-comedy mindreading act for the nightclub and showroom circuits.

Ben KronenBEN KRONEN, who portrays the studio mogul, C.C. de Schwartz, has appeared in hundreds of stage shows in little theater and summer stock in the Northwest. He began working in radio in 1940, alongside top New York personalities; ran the Armed Forces radio station in New Guinea, during WWII; and returned to Pennsylvania to direct many radio and stage productions.

Coming to Hollywood in 1957, Kronen became involved in numerous features, including Vice Squad, Dreamscape, Fear City and Dr. Detroit. He's appeared in commercials for MacDonald's, Sears, United Airlines, Coca Cola and many others; and Ben's TV work includes roles in General Hospital, Eight is Enough, Sanford and Son, and ArchieBunker's Place.

The Riot ActTHE RIOT ACT is a virtually indescribable group of five wildly talented comedians - Chuck McCollum, Rob Reed, Amy Rose, Mark Conlon, and Pat McGreal (code-name: C.R.A.M.P.). Combining writing, producing, directing, composing, graphic arts and telecommunications, the group burst upon the entertainment scene in 1983, playing universities and clubs in Los Angeles, and soon, throughout the Free World. Next on their agenda is playing throughout the Generously Paying World.

The four men recently portrayed "The Fiber Guys" in a series of acclaimed commercials. And all five talents played the Sun and her Planets, in WIZARD's studio dance extravaganzas, as well as voice-overing numerous individuals, objects, and entire mobs in the feature soundtrack.

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NOTE: for the record (and because several people have demanded the information and how can I refuse them because it is the Truth:
Deven Chierighino = David Conrad = "Brian Lucas"
Deven Chierighino
WIZARD Producer = SAG Actor = WIZ Role
Producer Deven (and Composer John) were reluctant to have their real names used in the movie, or listed on the Actor's Cast list - because acting is regarded as "unprofessional" by film industry executives (who are probably secretly jealous of not being on camera themselves).

Life Goes On
DEVEN CHIERIGHINO and BRIANNE SIDDALL (who can be seen in our film as the last one electrified to the wiz-bike), married April 4, 1987
JOHN MASSARI and BETH WEADON (whom he met in an impossible manner on an LA bus, while his van was trapped in the WIZARD parking garage), married on February 21, 1988
BRIAN THOMAS and DANA FREDSTI (a fellow sword-person, whom he met at a sci-fi con while promoting WIZARD), married on Feb 14, 1992
MIKE JITTLOV married to the NEWSNET, on May 19, 1992
Life Goes... On
STEVE BRODIE ("Lucky Straeker") claimed by cancer, on 1/11/92
ANGELIQUE PETTYJOHN ("Dora Belair") claimed by cancer, on 2/17/92
STEVEN STUCKER ("The Choreographer"), claimed by AIDS, on 4/16/86
DON ROCHAMBEAU (WIZARD's Financier), claimed by stress, on 9/7/89
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